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As the manager of any particular firm, you need to find a way to make your business succeed, and this is why you need an organizational chart. The main aim of these specific charts is to enhance teamwork and help with the internal exchanges and responsiveness of workers and other business stakeholders.  When you have an organizational chart, you can also keep track of your customers, and you will know what to improve in case they start leaving.  Once you do this, you will better communicate with your customers, and they will trust your firm much better.

There are various categories of organizational chart templates and they are;

  • Division organizational chart

This particular chart reflects a firm’s geography and commodity line. A car company can be used to remember this specific chart where you can divide the cars according to their types, and each division requires its clear marketing structure.


  • Multiple corporations have an opportunity to be flexible.
  • Advancements in the market are done faster.
  • Promotes democracy, sovereignty and personalized technique.


  • The chart may steer to similar resources.
  • Poor coordination amongst departments.
  • It may lead to fights.
  • Matrix organizational chart

The matrix organizational chart is used to separate workers into various teams according to the projects they are doing. It is also used by organizations that use cross functional groups instead of vertical silos. A matrix chart can make workers communicate better with each other and create a safe environment for employees. However, this chart could also lead to arguments due to a lot of supervision.


  • The chart allows managers to choose individuals according to the project’s needs.
  • Gives the enterprise emotional awareness.
  • Allows workers to use their skills.


  • This leads to many arguments between project managers and heads of departments.
  • This can lead to multiple changes in the organization.
  • Functional top-down hierarchy

This particular chart, it is used to reflect a business structure and the structure has been organized in a specific format. The top shows the C-suite followed by senior managers and other managers. It is also divided into various departments such as IT, marketing and finance. Moreover, workers with the same knowledge are put together.


  • Employees have a chance to focus on their work.
  • Facilitates understanding.
  • The chart can be scaled in any particular firm.


  • This may lead to silos in the firm.
  • Line structure

The line structure is usually used in firms that don’t have a lot of workers, and it is generally used to describe the organization’s hierarchy. This particular structure makes it easy for workers and managers to communicate and agree on certain things when dealing with various projects, making it easy to finish up all the various projects that require completion.


Every organization requires a particular structure so that it can thrive, make sure you have an organizational chart template so that your organization can be on the right track at all times. Always know what your organization needs to be beneficial to you and your workers.

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