How to Pick the Best Laser Tag Layout


When choosing the right arena for your laser tag, you require to mind more about the best size. Every operator requires to ask such questions when considering to have an addition of Laser Tag Singapore to your family entertainment. Every operator must have some consideration of how they can size the laser tag arena, the number of levels, and the number of players as well. In doing so, you will make sure there are fun and unique opportunities to help your guests have a great experience.

Primary attraction

The first and important factor you require to check is whether the laser tag will be the primary attraction at your family entertainment center. This is again the main driver for the traffic that concerns the FEC. At this level, there will be a recommendation of some square feet of playable space. One of these portions will be for the allocation of vesting and briefing. It is necessary to make sure the playable space is able to accommodate the number of players you are planning to have.

Second level

This is one of the raised platforms that is offering players some more exciting and dynamic game experience. The area of sports activity structure will increase the capacity and playable space without the use of more square footage in your facility. This will ensure the increase of revenue and throughput and assist you in differentiating yourself and your competitors.

Secondary attractions

Complementary or secondary attractions will a level that is single. For one attraction level, the operators will ensure the addition of interactive elements and props to enhance the experience in various ways. This again is one of the smaller parts that concerns the overall attraction mix. For that reason, you will find that the operators do not require the allocation of much space.

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