Importance of Customer Support for Your Web Hosting Business


Web hosting is a technical service. Hence, if you are planning to launch a Reseller Web Hosting business, then you need to be prepared for technical queries from your clients. As a Hosting Reseller, you are the hosting provider for your clients. Therefore, if they face any technical glitches or problems, then they will reach out to you. Hence, customer support plays a vital role in ensuring that you offer the best Reseller Web Hosting service. Today, we will explore the importance of customer support for your Reseller Hosting business.

What is Reseller Hosting?

In Reseller Hosting, you purchase a Reseller Hosting plan from a web hosting company, create smaller customized packages, and sell them to your clients. Most hosting companies offer White Label hosting that allows you to sell hosting under your own brand name. Hence, for your clients, you are the host, and they will approach you for any technical issues faced by them.

Customer support is an essential function of a web hosting business for the following reasons.

1. Site owners need quick responses

A website cannot afford extended periods of downtimes or poor performance. It can impact their business, reputation and SEO score. Hence, when a website faces a problem, and site owners contact you as you’re their hosting provider. They expect a resolution (or at least a response) immediately. Since every passing minute is impacting their business, as a hosting provider, you must ensure that you have the right set-up to respond to and resolve your client’s queries quickly.

2. One happy client = One Positive review = Better brand image

People pay for products and services and know what to expect. For example, if your client purchases a Shared Hosting plan, then they won’t expect a Dedicated Server-like hosting environment. However, when they contact you about some problem, how you handle the situation can make or break your brand’s image. Hence, ensuring a customer support process that exceeds their expectations is an opportunity to enhance your brand’s reach by gaining positive reviews.

3. Transparency of information

While most Hosting Resellers have websites that offer information about various packages and plans, a prospective client can have a unique requirement and might be searching for a plan that fits their needs the best. At such times, having a support executive to talk to can help them choose the right hosting plan and save a lot of hassle later.

Remember, when you are selling web hosting services, the question is not ‘IF’ your clients would need support; it is ‘WHEN’. Hence, as a Hosting Reseller, creating a robust support policy for your business is essential to retain your existing clients while creating a positive brand image to attract new clients.

Summing Up

The web hosting industry is very competitive with hosting companies and resellers trying to sell services to site owners around the globe. Also, websites have evolved with the ever-changing needs of online users and demand better uptimes, security and reliability. With social media platforms and search engines driving most of the traffic to websites, a delay of a few minutes can cause a considerable loss to your clients, and you might end up losing them. With the right support team, you can ensure that they have someone to talk to and troubleshoot minor issues or follow-up for major problems. It ensures that they don’t lose their cool and decide to migrate their website. Before you start a Reseller Hosting business, make sure that you buy the right Reseller Hosting plan and create customer support policies too. Good Luck!

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