Why Yubo is NOT a Dating Application, But a Live Social Discovery Application Instead.


There are few things in life more exciting than making new connections, building friendships, and expanding your social circle. How we connect has changed dramatically over the years, building toward the tech-first social world we presently occupy. Over the years, we have found it increasingly common for friends to seek one another out through digital spheres, which no doubt led to the founding of Yubo.

Yubo Is NOT A Dating Platform

Yubo is an online live social discovery application that aims to replicate how friends meet in real life. By connecting users who are both online simultaneously, Yubo gives people the chance to break the ice and find a way to build new friendships. Despite the sleek swiping feature reminiscent of Tinder, Yubo is NOT a dating platform and is all about curating healthy friendships in a comfortable environment.

With Yubo, social media is continuing its evolution put in place by platforms like Facebook and Tinder. The platform of Yubo is a pioneer in the online friendship movement as it helps individuals foster connections in a rails-on environment.

As Yubo leans on its social discovery aspect, platform users can better engage with and learn to develop positive friendships without the insistence of potential romance that other applications suggest.

Safety Features at Yubo

Yubo is all about making friends in a safe environment that caters to its base of Generation Z users. According to Yubo, nearly 95% of all its users are members of the 13 to 26 age range. To create an environment conducive to connection and comfort, Yubo has implemented a range of safety features to help support the goals of its young users.

Yubo first offers ID verification to prevent users from engaging on the platform if they do not meet the minimum age threshold. In addition to ID verification, Yubo also employs a team of live Human Safety Specialists. These specialists monitor live streaming audio and video for content that may go against the Terms of Service. Yubo employs its team to end the violating offense when these instances are found.

Additionally, Yubo employs several features that have been touted and backed by individuals from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, The Diana Award, and Thorn. New users to the platform must first read and accept the Community Guidelines, which Yubo emphasizes as a living document that will undoubtedly change.

Ultimately, Yubo emphasizes the importance of empowering individuals to make better decisions regarding their online privacy. Yubo offers suggestions, including not disseminating any private information on the platform. Yubo turns off location settings automatically for its minor users, as well.

With Yubo, there is always something to do, thanks to its focus on live-streaming content and instant connection. Are you ready to make a new friend on Generation Z’s most exciting online platform?

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