2 main things that make AWS services a success


The AWS cloud services have over 81 availability zone where the servers are located. The region which is serviced is divided so that they allow users in setting their geographical limits when using their services if that is what they choose. But at the same time, it can provide security through having to diversify the physical locations where the data is held. Overall, there are over 245 territories and countries where AWS spans.

The following are the two main things that make the AWS successful:

Cost savings

The AWS has been likened to utility companies that existed in the early 1900s. A hundred years back,  a factory that required electricity would have to build its power plant but when the factories got the chance to purchase the electricity via the public utility, the need for private plants for electricity which were pricey went down. AWS tries to move companies from the technology of physical computing to the cloud.

The traditional companies that look out for bigger amounts of storage would require to build storage physically in space and ensure that it is maintained. To store on the cloud means that you have to sign a contract which is pricy for a big storage space which the company would have to grow. To buy or build a small space might end up being disastrous in case the business had to take off and expensive in case it doesn’t.

The same is something that also applies to computing powers. The companies which experience a traffic surge might end up traditionally buying a lot of power in sustaining their business during peak times. The times for off-peak for example in May for the tax accountants, the power for computing lays there unused but the firm gets a cost on it.

When using AWS, the companies will only have to pay for whatever they utilize. There isn’t any upfront cost to construct a storage system and at the same time, no need of estimating usage. The AWS customers utilize what they require and the costs get automatically scaled and accordingly.

Adaptable and scalable

Because the AWS cost tends to be modified as per the usage of the customer, the small business and start-ups can see a benefit which is obvious of having to use Amazon for the computing needs.


The AWS tends to be great when building a business from scratch because it provides all the tools required for companies to start up with the cloud. For companies that are already in existence, there are low-cost services for migration that are provided so that your current infrastructure can be moved seamlessly over to the AWS.

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