A Business’s Easy Guide To Prevent Trojan Horse Attacks!


A trojan horse, simply called a trojan, is a malicious program that comes off as a legit download or file, but is meant to work as a malware. There are different kinds of trojans that cyber criminals and hackers use to attack businesses, such as rootkit, banker, backdoor, and exploit trojans. So, can your business prevent trojan horse attacks? We have a guide below for steps that are extremely easy to follow.

How to detect trojans?

There are a few tell-a-tale signs of trojan horse attacks. The most common sign is poor performance of devices. Your computer may be working slower than expected, or you may have to face frequent crashes. It could be also related to device behavior. For example, you may find that certain files and programs are working unexpectedly, even when you did not initiate an action. There could also be frequent pop-ups and spam interruptions.

Preventing trojan attacks

  1. One of the basic ways to prevent a trojan horse attack is to practice safe browsing. You just need to train your employees on how to browse the internet, use email in a safe manner. For this, you can also recommend a good web and email filter. Most trojan files are usually associated with phishing emails or websites.
  2. Next, make sure that programs, which are not verified, cannot be installed on your business computers. Make it mandatory for employees to ask for permissions before they download software or files that are unverified.
  3. All software, firmware, programs, applications, and operating systems need to be updated to the latest version. The patching should be done as soon as new updates are made available.

Use antimalware software

There are some really good antimalware software suites in the market today, and some of these have been designed to match the needs of businesses, keeping specific concerns and threats in mind. Find a suite that will be effective against trojans, and if that means paying more for the premium version, consider that. The cost of damage control following a trojan attack can be a lot more than what most businesses think.

Also, if your employees have accidentally run a trojan file, encourage them to report the incident. The idea is to make it an open ground, where the entire organization can work together towards making cybersecurity a top priority, and for that, it is absolutely necessary for people to have the space to report unusual incidents.

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