Could Your Business Benefit from Mobile Access Control?


The growth of mobile technology in the recent past has been so remarkable. From cloud technology to wireless methods, mobile technology is making its strides, and one of the ways is through the application of Bluetooth access control systems.

What are Bluetooth access control systems?

Bluetooth access control systems are systems that allow a mobile device such as a smartphone to control access through physical barriers for, instance, secured doors.

For these systems to work, the following must be in place:

  • A direct connection between the phone that is Bluetooth enabled and the internet over Wi-Fi
  • A mobile credential installed on the phone

To install a mobile credential, the user requires having the Wallet app installed in the ideal smartphone. After the app has been launched, a registration key certificate is issued. After successful registration, the new credentials on the mobile will be ready for use, and all you require is to present the smartphone to the reader.  With Bluetooth access control systems, you do not have to travel around with cards, have passwords or pins to gain access to the premises. Your smartphone simply becomes your identity. Privacy scanners are easily solved with this technological advancement. A good manufacturer should be able to tailor-make the one that is ideal for your business, after a thorough evaluation of what will work for your business, and what will not.

What are the benefits of mobile access control systems?

  • Increased security

Traditional methods of security and other modern ones such as the use of smart cards, access codes on doors, and biometrics all do a great job, although Bluetooth mobile access control platforms take security to another level. They are well encrypted with secure communication between the mobile device and cloud-based server.

  • Phones are hard to lose

Phones are hard to lose in comparison to keycards. There will likely be fewer instances of losing phones than cards. Not so many people hand over their phones to others, making Bluetooth access control systems one of the best security measures.

  • It is convenient

The system is convenient in that it allows you to sort out multiple access for people at a go. It also saves on time that would have otherwise been used to replace lost, damaged, or stolen keycards, making it an affordable way to beef up security around your business.

  • Ease of use

Not everyone appreciates the use of mobile technology but, Bluetooth access control systems are easy to use and navigate through. To use it, you require an email sent on your phone, download the app, and activate your mobile ID. Once you are done, you can enjoy the convenience for your staff and other users, rather than using cards.


While the use of Bluetooth access control systems offers so many perks to your business, there are several factors you need to have in mind. Some of them include employee compatibility with the system and their willingness to embrace the same. You need to identify ways to help them cope and use the system, while at the same time identifying the specific benefits to your company.

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