Eight Benefits of Introducing a Flexible Work Model


The world is facing a pandemic which has forced a lot of sectors to change the way they work. After the lockdown was imposed, the organizations were confused as to what steps must be taken to ensure a regular workflow. They came up with the option of working from home which had its own advantages and disadvantages. Now that the lockdown restrictions have been eased up, a new method to continue working was needed. That is where a flexible working model came into picture which made use of the hybrid work schedule. Let us take a look at the eight benefits of adapting a flexible work model like hybrid work schedule.

  1. Reduction in cost of operations – For any organization, it was important to survive the toughest days which pandemic forced upon them. For that, they had to ensure that needless costs were reduced by cutting down on several operations. Flexible work model helps in that by eliminating the costs associated with different activities of employees at the workplace which require payment at the end of the day. It does so as it allows only a small team to go to the office while the other staff continues to work from home, which reduces the cost of operations big time.
  1. Boost in productivity – The productivity of an organization depends hugely on the type of work model they have implemented. The team which is working from home saves a lot of time in commuting to their workplaces, it also saved them a good amount of money which is spent on fuel, bus tickets, cabs and trams. Also, the environment at home is more preferable to a certain lot which causes a boost in their productivity thereby benefitting the organization in the long run.
  1. More creative employees – When the organizations allow their employees to work at flexible hours, they help in boosting their creativity. Now, do not misinterpret creativity as drawing, coloring, painting, story writing etcetera. By creativity, it is implied that employees find different types of unconventional ways of doing their regular office work. How does that happen? Well, working on desired hours definitely favors the employees’ mental well being, therefore causing them to come up with great solutions to toughest problems.
  1. Employee Health Gets Better – A flexible working model allows the employees to work according to their own time table as it incorporates all the necessary elements of working from home. Employees get the time to heal themselves during the spare time they get when they are working from home. They can adapt to different type of exercise or yoga routines in that spare time to get a better physical and mental health. Employees’ health are crucial to an organization because if the employees are healthy, then they will be at their productive best.
  1. Difficult to Quit – Adapting to a flexible working model does have a lot of advantages to both the employees and the employers. The feeling of getting their hard work recognized by their respective employers makes it difficult for any employee to leave the company. Therefore, the amount of money spent on conducting recruitment drives of new talents is saved.
  1. Invites Brilliant Minds – When fresh minds of young individuals get to know that a company which is asking its employees to work flexibly is hiring, they rush to the recruitment drives being conducted by these companies. The reason being that these young mind love to have the liberty of working on their own terms while still having a label of a reputed organization tagged to their shirts.
  1. Easy to manage – A flexible working model is a very convenient affair for the management teams of different organizations as they are relieved of a lot of direct responsibilities. Instead of doing a lot of heavy lifting manually, things are taken care of by using new technologies and software. These software and the technology they offer usually focus on maintaining the records of everything that concerns the well being of their organizations.
  1. Improved boss-employee relationship – A flexible working model eliminates the tension between an employer and the employee by giving them the opportunity to think about the interests of the opposite person. This in turn creates a better relationship between both the parties which works in favor of the organization.

By now, it must be pretty clear to you as an employer that why there is a need to implement a flexible workspace so that your organization can benefit from that. If the above-mentioned points were not enough to convince you about the feasibility of this model, then you must look at the positive feedback of different employees of different organizations who have used this method and how they were able to see an upward curve in their productivity graph.

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