Five Essential Benefits of Automation Testing


Proper testing is important to produce high-quality products, avoid delivery delays, reduce costs, and guarantee customer satisfaction. This usually results from unplanned test management strategies. That is why test engineers must deploy a quick fix post the migration to production through automation testing. This is an effective method to improve the testing process’s effectiveness and coverage. It includes an automated tool to execute test case suite and predefined actions on a software application.

It offers the following benefits:

Flexibility to Perform Testing at Any Time

To execute manual testing, you must work your way out through a computer to test a web application. You won’t be able to carry your computer everywhere and if someone asked you to do a round of testing at 3 in the morning after a long day at work, you won’t have a pleasant mood over this thought. But, with automation testing, you can schedule your test case execution to run at any hour of the day from any location. Also, you can analyze results by reports generated based on the test suite execution.

Reusability of Test Scripts

Writing effective test cases requires plenty of effort and time and writing the same test cases again could make you feel mentally exhausted. But, automation testing lets you write a test script and reuse it as many times as you like.

Powerful Test Reports

Test automation engineers can view what other engineers have worked on, the scripts that have been written, the tests that other testers have done and the bugs discovered. They can fix these bugs if they have clear reports of the testing. This is an important aspect to ensuring quality assurance.

Testing On Multiple Platforms

Website development requires ensuring the cross-browser compatibility over different browsers, operating systems, hardware, mobile devices, and networks. Doing browser compatibility testing requires making several test cases. And with the number of browsers available in the market, doing manual testing over hundreds of them plus operating systems may lead to delaying the software release process. But, automated testing lets testers perform tests on many browsers, operating systems, and devices quickly and simultaneously.

Make Regression Testing Easier

For all developers, regression testing is a pain point. Doing the same tests, again and again, takes more time and brings down a tester’s overall efficiency. Automated testing is the right way to do this kind of testing. Automated testing does not sleep so it is possible to always extend the time window to run the regression testing suite.

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