Tips to Improve the Experience of Users on your Website


If you own an online business, your website is your main business asset. It serves as a hub to promote your business and sell your product or service. It’s your 24/7 salesman and must be the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. But, your website can feel outdated because of rapidly changing digital trends. Although a redesign might seem like a great idea, you may not have the money and time to invest in this big project. But, there are other ways to improve your site and your users’ experience on it.

These include the following:

Make Sure Your Website Loads Quickly.

Your website page speed is a significant element to improve the user experience on your site. These days, website visitors expect fast results and will not wait around for your pages to load. Thus, ensure to optimize your website pages. You can do this by compressing all your images before loading them onto your site. Keep in mind that image file size is one of the many causes of slow page speed. A professional website designer from can help you with this.

Make your Site is Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

Ensure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly. People are accessing your site on a desktop and through their smartphones and tablets. Thus, your design must load properly into the different sized screens used by people. Also, remember that Google considers website responsiveness and mobile-friendliness when ranking websites.

Make Appealing Calls to Action

People navigate your site by following visual cues that move them between essential contents. Calls to action use active words and bold buttons to help your users navigate your website and encourage them to do the next step.

When making calls to action, the effect of the color on user psychology must be considered. Applying various hues will evoke different feelings and results from visitors. Also, think about the words on your calls to action. Use active words to drive action and illustrate the benefits your visitors will get from converting.

Use More White Space

Studies show that more white space around headlines and text can increase the attention of users by 200%. With white space, users will only focus on one thing instead of being distracted by other content. If you have more room for white space, users can concentrate on that one thing, whether it is reading a piece of content, signing up for an email list, or looking at your product.

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