What Are Network-As-A-Service (NSA) and Its Advantages?


SASE is actually an acronym that stands for so-called Secure Access Service. In the industry speak, SASE is also known as multi-tiered access network service. Network-as-a-service offers end-users an efficient, flexible and cost-effective web hosting service by providing them with a virtual private network. But in order for you to understand what SASE is all about, it would be good if you first know what is SASE and how does it work.

SASE Secure Access Service Edge is a very powerful networking protocol. The SASE software vendors describe SASE as a flexible model of cloud networking, which uses two different types of networks namely, the cloud network with SASE integration and the conventional Ethernet network. The main advantage of SASE over other types of networking is that it eliminates the need for having a physical infrastructure.

With SASE, the setup can be done at the application layer and it is very easy to integrate with the rest of your infrastructure and application. And because it is scalable, you can easily add new nodes to extend your existing virtual private network. SASE works well with the latest Ethernet cards such as the 3GPP Ultra Low-latency Direct Network Interface Cards (ULPI) but can also be used with any other form of Ethernet card such as the latest ATM cards.

SASE has many benefits and has become very popular in recent years. The main benefit of SASE is that it provides a cost-efficient, secure and flexible option for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). One can easily integrate SASE with the rest of their applications and create a secure virtual private network.

SASE vendors have worked very closely with enterprise customers to provide fast, easy installation and maintenance, support for multi-tenant businesses, easy migration from physical to virtual environments, improved security, better scalability, enhanced visibility and control, and easy management of all the information about the clients.

With SASE, you can manage the networking of your enterprise in a way that is cost-efficient and flexible. It also gives you the power to manage your virtual data center more effectively and efficiently. SASE offers a set of advantages which enables your business to go completely digital with minimal cost of investment.

Virtualization of your data centers helps you achieve cost savings of over 75% on the capital expenditure required for maintaining a data center. The most important advantage of using this technology is that it allows you to reduce maintenance costs, including personnel costs.

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