Matt Davies Stockton Explains Why It’s Never Too Late to Become a Programmer



According to Matt Davies Stockton, most people have a misconception about coding. They think it’s a highly technical skill that’s made for a few people and very difficult to master. That’s why enrolling kids in coding camps is a growing trend. However, it’s never too late to become a programmer, and here’s why.

The Explanation

  1. Coding strengthens your job profile – The job market is always evolving and nowadays there are certain service and retail jobs that require advanced knowledge of information technology. Even if you’re not looking forward to a well-paid job in IT, you may need some type of coding expertise in a modern white-collar job. Your job profile simply looks more attractive to employers if you’re a programmer with basic coding skills.

Even the most basic programming skills open up a lot of opportunities for you. It makes you more competitive in the job market and makes you more flexible. While coding is not the “new literacy” as many Silicon Valley giants would like you to believe, it is a very valuable skill set.

  1. Better computational thinking – Computational thinking is a chain of thought processes that are implemented to create niche problems and figure out their solutions. Such solutions are very well-planned in a logical and stepwise manner. This is done so that the solutions can be understood and implemented without any abstraction.

When you’re capable of computational thinking you can solve challenging and complex problems very quickly and structure the solutions in a concise and logical manner. This kind of thinking and problem-solving involves logic, predictive algorithms, and a bit of mathematics. Coding helps you to hone your computational thinking and get better at solving complex problems.

You can break down large problems into smaller challenging chunks and manage them more efficiently. So, even if you’re not planning to earn a living with your coding skills, it would help you in your existing job and everyday life.

Most people are intimidated by coding since they assume that they need to learn several new programming languages, data structures, source control systems, and more. However, that way you set yourself up for failure. Instead, choose a modern programming language and start learning the easy tutorials.

  1. Creativity – While programmers may appear as typical code crunchers and mad scientists, they are creative professionals. As mentioned above, coding is flexible. Even if you don’t have any interest in the stem field, coding can help your creative juices flow.

There are no set solutions to a problem. You may have a different approach that is more efficient, consumes less time, or brings some other benefit. That’s why a lot of modern artists are also using their programming skills as a form of self-expression.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you start learning to code since there are no disadvantages to picking up this skill. You don’t need to take time off your job or other responsibilities. You can use numerous free online resources to pick up coding and make your resume more attractive.

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