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The main argument against the site was that a large amount of carding forum members were doing it for the fun of fraud. They had little or no experience of working in the field but were willing to help others when they received some card payments, only later to find that the funds were used for fraud. According to the reasoning of the carding forum, since this was an online service, someone would have to ensure the website was secure before allowing people to make transactions over it. Anybody interested in helping others should be able to do so without any problem provided they followed basic security precautions.

The reasoning of the carding forum did not go down well with the government, which is why it moved to close down the website. It claimed that since the site allowed members to make purchases without verifying their identities, it was providing a haven for identity thieves and fraudsters. Furthermore, the government had been getting regular complaints from small business owners about having insufficient means of protecting themselves from carders. In addition to that, as more merchants started using the Internet as a way to accept credit card payments, there was now a little incentive for fraudsters to use the carding forum to their advantage.

As if that was not enough, the iphone carding forum also claimed that cybercriminals were using the stolen credit card data for their gains. Some of the information that they were finding was allegedly used to apply for new credit cards in the name of the victim. In some cases, cybercriminals have even used the information to cancel already existing accounts. This means that the cybercriminals have used the information to either gain money or to get the person they were targeting to perform illegal activities.

It seems that the carding forums are correct in saying that selling stolen credit card information is illegal and that websites that allow members to do so should be shut down. However, there is still insufficient evidence to prove that all websites involved did sell the information. There has also been little movement to close down cybercriminals who use social networking websites to conduct their activities. For these reasons, carding forums believe that it is best to focus efforts on stopping the activities of the criminals rather than trying to hunt down people who may be using stolen information to conduct online business.

On another note, it is also important to mention that it is legal to disclose a customer’s personal information such as their full names, addresses, date of birth, social security numbers, and other pertinent information without restriction. However, a carding forum member should be careful about what information he or she decides to make public since many companies have started using this information against their customers.

This is something that the carding forum is doing to protect cardholders from fraud. Also, the carding forum is helping the government in combating fraud by warning cardholders about suspicious activities. Therefore, the carding forums may be seen as a positive contribution to reducing online fraud.

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